Your Legal Data Cloud

The Legal Data Cloud™ helps your organization take control over your enterprise data sprawl while unleashing existing  data silos.

the legal data cloud

Your Legal Data Landing Zone

The DeltaZone Platform allows your teams to thrive within compliance heavy and/or unstructured data-intensive environments. Your existing suite of vertical and infrastructure applications as well as your legal and compliance relevant data integrate seamlessly with DeltaZone Legal Data Cloud.

Reduce operating cost up to 10x


Increase yield and output


Improve your compliance posture

Search & retrieve

Gain insights fast. Keyword search your entire enterprise across every imaginable data source while maintaining control over your source documents

data sharing

Simplify instant data sharing for business-critical workflows — from E-Discovery collections to responding to legal requests. Eliminate complicated file transfer protocols and downloadable links, and replace them with secure and immediate data sharing with full access controls and audit logs so you know who has your data and where it resides

One platform - many sources

Scale multiple workloads across different legal and compliance teams and workflows and across the front, middle, and back offices with a single copy of data. Integrate with all your relevant data sources like email, Slack, Microsoft, Google, Box, DocuSign and many more.  Self-service search & retrieval from a single view, freeing up IT support and speeding up time to value for responding to legal events

security & Compliance

Protect, store, and access all matters, events, requests, portfolio, and risk data with fine-grained governance and access controls.  Multi-tenant, cloud-scale architecture designed for complying with data residency requirements

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